Window Washing

Imagine this; windows so will think they are open.

window cleaning minocqua wi We use Pure Water Technology, rather than plain tap water, for brighter, cleaner windows that stay clean longer. We are the local experts with the traditional methods of strip washer, squeegee, bucket and ladder. We are also the local experts with water fed pole systems using deionized water. This means better and safer access to multiple story windows with less disruption to your landscape plantings and your privacy. Bottom line is this; we do what it takes to get your windows cleaner than anyone else can.

We offer only one level of service; the best possible cleaning. This service includes cleaning of all screens, windows and sills. We also clean and lubricate all tracts and hardware as needed during service.

Key Benefits

  • Brighter, eye popping appearance. Enjoy the view of woods and water without looking through dirty windows.
  • More time. When you hire us, you have more time for friends and family.
  • Safety. Avoid the dangers of working on, and falling off, ladders.


Our services are tailored to your needs whether commercial or residential. Most commercial customers choose a monthly service. Most residential customers choose a twice annual service that is inside and outside once and outside only a second time.

Large windows

Think square yards rather than square feet of glass.

High windows

Think up to 40 feet or 4 stories.

Really dirty windows

Think, "I'm supposed to clean my windows?"

Tough to get at windows

Think the interior of sky lights or clear-story windows.