Upholstery Cleaning

Let me describe what we see on a daily basis.

Upholstery collects and holds tight to dust, dust mites, air borne pollen and filth brought in on clothing. It can harbor lice, bed bugs and that tick you brought in on your pant cuff. Some virus and bacteria can survive for hours on dry or imperceptibility damp (think humid weather) textiles. What falls into cracks often stays there a very long time.

And we haven’t even mentioned eating, drinking, dogs, cats, smoking, dirty clothes and naked babies.

upholstery cleaning

In addition, upholstery comes in a dizzying array of fiber types and textures, decorated with a wide variety of dyes, stretched over an infinite number of furniture shapes and sizes, and held in place with tacks, buttons, staples, stitching, piping and glue.


upholstery cleaningWe have advanced training in textile care and cleaning.

We are knowledgeable in everything from routine annual cleaning to special situations such as smoke and urine damage.

Upholstery tags don’t tell the whole story. That’s why we use fiber composition and dye stability testing on every piece we work on. We photo and paper-document every piece we work on.

We know the challenges of working with cotton, wool, velvet, microfiber, and historic pieces. We even clean and condition leather.

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All types of furniture made filthy, or just plain neglected, from daily use. Smoke damage restoration depending on extent of damage. Here’s the challenge. Go stick your nose in your couch. Take a close look at your recliner. Look between your legs when sitting at your desk chair. Then decide if you need us to provide a FREE in home consultation regarding furniture cleaning.