The Value of Value

As consumers we often talk about the ‘value’ of a purchase. Value is subjective, while price is objective. Value is the importance of a purchase. For instance, a necessary prescription may have a high but a low price. The value equation, then, considers the benefits and importance of any purchase to all other possible options. For instance, let’s compare hiring a plumber, buying a dress and having the car fixed.  By the time you read the word first word in this sentence, you already made a preliminary value equation of the three options in the prior sentence. If you have a leaky pipe, a closet full of dresses and the care is running fine, the value equation is quickly determined. Furthermore, the value of those three options were compared to all other purchasing options in your life at the time you read the sentence. The human brain works value and value equation very fast. When it does so it always includes an emotional component that may not correspond to the value. That is where buyer’s remorse comes in. This is also where the term high pressure sales comes from. Both are born out of a sales process the causes the customer to act outside the bounds of the true value they place on a purchase. 

At Clean As Can Be Services we want to bring you the highest possible true value. The highest compliment you can pay us is “That was an amazingly valuable service experience.” That means from end to end, price now included, we connected your expectations, you desired benefits, and the importance you place on professional cleaning services to what we provided. We want to know if there is anything we can do to better bring you true value. Talking to us now and in the future is the best way to make true value happen every time we interact with you.  Toward that end, maybe have a look at the value others see in our services by reading our reviews