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Looking for a change in office cleaning service? Maybe you are considering hiring a cleaning service for the first time? We are glad you found us because well run businesses review cleaning contractor options on a regular basis.

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Clean As Can Be Services offers comprehensive office cleaning service. All services are described below and all services begin with a FREE and detailed Site Evaluation Report.

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Service Descriptions

Office Cleaning

Keep staff and customers happy by taking care of your daily, weekly or occasional cleaning needs. From ‘green’ cleaning options to Quaternary disinfectants, we use solutions and methods to meet your needs.

Paper and Plastic Consumables

Save money and time when we take care of paper and plastic consumables like paper towel and garbage can liners. Get best possible pricing by working with wholesalers and you save the hassle of store trips and expense accounting.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (LMCC)

Carpets will get and stay remarkably clean. Dry< times are less than 60 minutes when maintenance cleaning. Disruption of business routines is minimized. Industry best practices for busy commercial environments with Commercial Glue Down carpets.

Customized Care Plans

Your needs are unique. A plan that considers that saves you money and maintains best possible appearance. We will look carefully at the volume and type of foot traffic you have in each part of your building. Then we design a carpet maintenance plan specific to your needs. Some areas may get cleaned more often while other areas don’t need as much attention.

Low Moisture Upholstery Cleaning (LMUC)

We take care of the forgotten part of office cleaning. LMUC is similar to our carpet cleaning methods, and suitable for all types of upholstery.

Strip and Wax Floor Care

Waxable Finish Floor Maintenance. From buffing to complete strip and wax, we keep your floors bright and shiny. We never use short cuts. Our complete strip and wax service includes complete removal of all finishes, then application of sealer and a minimum of 4 coats of professional grade wax.

Window Washing

Service can include occasional or regular route service, ground level to four stories. We also handle the specialized area of post construction window washing. See our Window Washing page for more details.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration

Regular moping of ceramic tile floor deposits dirt in textured tile recesses and grout lines. We deep clean your tile floor and prepare grout lines to receive a penetrating sealant that locks in the color of your choice and locks out stains for years to come. See our Tile Repair and Cleaning and Grout Restoration pages for more details.

Wood Floor Refurbishing

A ‘dustless’ way to bring back that warm deep shine when regular cleaning isn’t enough and full sanding and recoating isn’t necessary. It’s an in-between process that brings cost-effective options compared to full sanding and refinishing.

Laminate Floor Refurbishing

Until now your only option was to replace worn laminate floors. Now you have another option. We clean your laminate floor down to the original surface and apply a durable attractive top coat designed specifically for laminate floors. For pennies on the dollar you will enjoy a like-new look for your laminate floors.