Finding Hidden Talent

Even in our digital age, many people that provide quality home-services are hard to find; especially Property Mangers and House Keeping.  I need your help to ferret out this Hidden Talent. More on that in a minute.

I know this Hidden Talent is out there based on how often our team members are asked for a referral to a Property Manager or House Keeping service. Because of our 12 years in the community, people know we are well connected to the the service industry in north central Wisconsin; especially Vilas County and Oneida County. So we get a lot of people asking us who to call for Property Management and Housekeeping. (We discontinued housekeeping, or maid-type home cleaning services, spring of 2018. We did this in part because of the competition from Hidden Talent. We still offer deep cleaning as often as quarterly and post construction cleaning.) These service providers, this Hidden Talent, is often talked about in these terms; 

“I have a guy who plows our driveway and checks on the furnace every day.” 

“We have a couple that opens the cabin and cleans up after us after we leave.”

“Our neighbor on the other side of the lake makes sure our dock goes in and out every year.” 

Because of this, I’m starting a database of Property Managers and Home Cleaners, large or small, easy or hard to find. This will at least allow us to point people in a direction when they call us looking for these services. And, or course, I want to market our services to that same list. These include: air duct cleaning, restoration, dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more.  

“Ha,” you say, “I knew there was a catch!” 

Of course, and in this case, that’s okay. You already know referrals is how small-town businesses grow, and you want quality small businesses to thrive. So, I’m not trying to sneak anything by you. On the contrary, I’m working toward what you want; better access to quality help and thriving small businesses in northern Wisconsin.

“But,” you ask, “how does it benefit me?” 

Great question! You can call or email me any time you are looking for a Property Manager or Housekeeping. I’ll try to connect you with someone who provides that service.

“I get it! So how can I help?” 

It’s super easy. Email me the name and phone number for the Hidden Talent you know in the Northwoods. You can also call me with information. And let me know how you know them and what town they live in.


  • I will keep this list private; available only to me or my direct leadership reports.
  • I will contact your referrals to introduce myself, and I will ask if they are interested in more business.
  • If they are interested, I will refer business them.


  • I will take no money, from anybody, for this service. 
  • I will not screen, endorse, check references, check criminal backgrounds, make a determination about their business structure or anything else that may be important to you in screening them.  In other words, I’m NOT starting another Angie’s List or Home Advisor scheme. Not sure how to screen and select a contractor? Search our blog for a ton of information about finding the right contractor for your situation.
  • I will not act as the go-between for a contractor and you. If you have a compliment or a complaint, it’s between you and them. 
  • I won’t solicit feedback about your experience with them. 
  • I will not include property care people who are in direct competition with us. I want you to have the best service available in the services we provide. See our reviews. But, truth be told, I do make referrals when our schedule is slammed, but only to competitors I know, like and trust. I already have their contact information.


Send me an email of people you know that do property care and housekeeping in and around the following Wisconsin communities: Minocqua, Lac Du Flambeau, Tomahawk, Rhinelander, St. Germain, Sayner, Eagle River and Manitowish Waters. Be sure to include their first and last name, how you know them, their phone number and the town they live in.


Eric Nei the Cleaning Guy
(715) 356-4739, ext. 6