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A job makes you money. Awesome employment provides opportunity to become the best version of yourself you can be, and rewards you with a decent wage and benfits while that happens. Clean As Can Be Services - Lakeland Restoration can help make that a realit you.

We hire people from Minocqua, Woodruff, Tomahawk, Lac Du Flambeau, Rhinelander, Eagle River and other small towns in Vilas County and Oneida County, Wisconsin. We hire people who wake up thinking about how they can contribute to a team, make a difference through their work, and make a living doing it. If that describes you, we need to talk.


Eric Nei, Owner/CEO


Effective January 1, 2019, you need to have valid drivers license to work here. Excpetions can be made for those that are involved in adaptive employment through a community support organization. Such individuals usually have reasons other than bad driving to not have a license. An occupational license does not fit into this exception.

All job offers are contingent on a background check, but that does not mean we won't consider you for employement if you have "a history." Keep reading to learn more. 


How You Join Out Team

1. Complete the contact form on the right. (If viewing this on a smart phone, scroll to the bottom.)
2. We will give you a call to follow up with a short conversation.
3. Meet with our current employees for an interview at our Arbor Vitae shop location.
4. Be offered an awesome career opportunity with one of the best employers in the Northwoods!

You probably want to read the rest of this page and learn more about us any way you can. It will help you during the interview.

Who We Are

Mission Statement (Why we do what we do.)

We make the world better by developing long-term relationships between employees and customers based on quality service, mutual care and excellent outcomes.

Value Proposition (How we present our mission statement.)

Great Employee. Great Customers. Connected.

Core Values (How we live.)

Integrity. Drive. Accountability. Quality

Working Here

Employees are expected to use the business to make their dreams come true. We want you to find your long-term fit and create your opportunity through hard work, serious thinking, being a team player and having fun while you do it. We promote fixing problems, not fixing blame. Team decision making is the norm. The pace is fast and challenging. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Not learning from mistakes leads to unemployment. Growth happens outside the comfort zone. Expectations are high at every level of the company. So is the support to exceed those expectations. Everyone who works here is a leader. We pay for performance not promises. We believe everyone has equal value because that's what God says. Grace gets us farther than criticism. Optimism wins the day. When the going gets tough the smart ask for help. Family matters matter. Everyone that works here is a leader.

We love Millenials! (Actually, we love all people, but I'm trying to get the attention of the fastest growing group of emploayble people.) We are looking for Millenials that are allergic to city and suburban living. If that describe you, we have a lot to offer. Yes, coffee shops close at 3:00, but you know how to make a good cup of coffee and prefer to gather around a camp fire. The music scene here far surpasses the size of the community. It includes Indy music in many genre and outstanding visual and peforming arts. High speed internet is usually available in many places. The online shopping here is as good as anywhere. Continuing education is abundant. But you get to add MASSIVE opportunities for outdoor recreation, and that is where most single people of all ages that call this home find a partner. 


All positions, come with decent pay for the role you fill, benefits and preference when we are looking to add staff at your level or above. (Seasonal employees are not eligible for benefits.) Flexible scheduling is the norm. That doesn't mean you work when you want. It does mean we work closely with prefernces and skills.

Do you "have a history?" We practice "Fair Chance" hiring. This means we will look at your potential contribution even as we look at your history. Mentioning the word "felon" does not automatically close all doors with us. We want to hear your story and get to know you. We will look for evidence of a changed life and serious drive to move past your history as we make hiring decisions.

All positions are expected to connect potential customers to our services. Some may specialize in this role; a "Sales Person." But everyone can talk excitedly about something they believe in. Do that while you are connecting our services to customers needs and you are in sales. We believe to sell is human.

Following is a sample of positions in the company.

Cleaning and Restoration Technician (Training, 1, 2, and 3)

The CRT position is full or part time, seasonal or year round. The CRT Levels include: Training, CRT 1, CRT 2 and CRT 3. A CRT Training period runs about 60 days. Then a permanent position may be offered.

CRTs invest up to 90% of their time delivering services. The rest of their time is dedicated to preparing for those services. This is the foundation of the business. It's where our Mission Statement and Core Values are demonstrated to our customers. It is the most important position in the company in regards to public perception.

The position is physically demanding. No need to join a gym. Executing daily plans and figuring out solutions when things change is part of the job. You won't be micro managed, but you will have a coach calling in plays from the sidelines, often on digital devices, when the game is on. Working with Great Customers is the norm, but you have to learn how to work with difficult people, too.

Competencies: Efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning and restoration tasks, good communication skills on the phone, and in person. Comfortable with a smart phone, solution development in a team environment involving complex challenges, professional appearance and behavior equivalent to the situation, employee coaching, leadership, task prioritization based on daily work plan. 

Minimum Qualifications: Minimum High School diploma. A work history that shows you are not a "job hopper," with applicable experience is preferred.

Shift Lead

The Shift Lead position is full or part time, year round. As a Shift Lead you are a recognized leader in the company and have mastered most of what is required as a CRT. Your responsibility, accountability and compensation continue to grow.

Between 70% and 90% of your time will be spent in the field performing cleaning and restoration activities. The rest of your time you will organize other employees and resources to execute work plans. You will be the first call to help solve problems CRTs experience in the field. You will be the first call when someone can't make it to work. You will advise upline leadership on scheduling, hiring and employee reviews.

Competencies: Consistent use of our Mission Statement and Core Values as decision making tools. Set the attitude for the team on a daily basis. Ability to lead up and down the ladder of accountability. Thinking outside the box at is both strategic and tactical levels.  Good communication skills in person and in writing. Able to develop others toward replacing yourself.

Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma or equivalent. Some post highschool education and job-related leadership responsibilities preferred. Proven experience in 2 or more services we provide to customers. Proven leadeship capacity.

Department Lead

The department lead is full time, year round. Your work will be up to 50% field based, but in this field work you focus on role modeling (training) CRTs and Shift Leads in all things this company is about. You will  manage special projects, fill gaps in the schedule, add production hours during peak seasons, lead at a strategic level, work with 3rd party software for employee time keeping and customer relationship management, handle difficult employees and customers. 

The management part of this position will focus on strategic level leadership of one of the following; Water and Mold Restoration, Janitorial Services, Project Services. (Project services includes a collection of specialty services such as air duct cleaning, window washing and carpet cleaning.) Delegated tactical oversight of all cleaning and restoration tasks associated with your leadership. Accountability for profit/loss trends and improvement. Risk management within your department and across the company. Active efforts at increasing gross revenues, gross profit and net profit. Participation in annual strategic planning. Collaboration with other leaders in the company to advance the Mission Statement and Core Values.

Competencies: Excellent communication skills across all communication platforms, live, print and digital. Comfortable with basic financial reports within 3 months of moving into this position. Strategic thinking. Moderating emotional responses in a way that enhances decision making and actions toward others. Able to coach others toward improved performance and connect on a personal level when needed. Development of others toward replacing yourself. 

Minimum Qualifications: A combination of post high-school education and experience comparable to the expectation of the position. Comfortable and competent with electronic technology. Certifications related to company scope of services preferred. Three years leadership experience preferred. Able to perform and teach at least three services we offer to customers.

Future Opportunities

I am always looking for Opportunity Talent. Opportunity Talent is a highly skilled person that is looking to create an opportunity for themselves and wants to contribute to this team. They look at this company, and know they could make a contribution if given a chance. They can see and articulate how they could make a difference, but may not see a job description in place that matches their skill set. 

Positions that could be developed by Opportunity Talent right now include; Sales Lead, Marketing Lead, Human Resources Lead. If you believe you have what it takes to quickly convert your time, talent and drive into profit, please call me. Five years from now we will be looking for a Chief Operating Officer.

Eric Nei, Owner
Clean As Can Be Services, LLC
PO Box 246
Woodruff, WI 54568
(715) 892-4290

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- Eric Nei, Owner


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