Residential Services – COVID-19 Response

Greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin!

As we roll into spring and what I am un-affectionately calling our first Covid-19 season, I want you to know that we are still here for you. Clean As Can Be Services, LLC can help create a sense, and a reality, of “safe and normal.” We would be privileged to help you create safe and normal.

Essential Business.

According to the Wisconsin Safer at Home Order #12, cleaning, sanitizing and disaster response are considered an Essential Business. Within that definition, we prioritize our water mitigation and mold abatement services. We remain open for business.

Keeping You and Our Employees Healthy

The live time of the novel Coronavirus is still under investigation. While we are prepared to offer services in occupied homes on a case by case basis, we recommend that your home has not been occupied for a minimum of one week prior to service. We also recommend that you not occupy the home for one week after service.

Two of our staff have participated in the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), 2020 CIRI Science Symposium: COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness training. That information is being woven into the operational fabric of Clean As Can Be Services, LLC.

We are bringing additional attention to our employee health. This includes employee screenings at the beginning of every shift, social distancing, working remote when possible, limiting office entry to office-essential employees, and company-wide protocol if someone has symptoms.

Essential and Non-Essential Services

Essential services included include deep cleaning, post construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, care of hard surface floors, and duct cleaning

Window washing is considered a non-essential service. However, we will continue to offer this service provided it does not interfere in scheduling of essential services to homes and businesses.


With the impacts of Covid 19 we are thinking through scheduling a little different. We love ya all, but for the first time ever, we are making a distinction between our year round residents, and our seasonal visitors.

If you a year round resident and are living by the Wisconsin Safer at Home Order #12, we are pretty comfortable being in your home. Expect some questions related to the Coronavirus when you call for services. We will not staff your service with employees who have left the area in the last 14 days.

The attraction of the Northwoods is strong, and even more so during the challenges of the Coronavirus. The is especially true if you are living in densely populated “hot spot” areas. If you are a seasonal resident, we are here to help create “safe and normal” for you. We would like to be in your home 1 week after last occupancy, and 1 week before next occupancy. If you are social distancing up here, we are happy to work with you after 14 days of symptom free isolation.

Invoice and Payment Changes

During the last two years we have seen a rising trend with both new and returning customers. This trend is toward last minute cancellation, last minute date changes, or homes not being accessible when we arrive as planned. We suspect the pandemic will increase that trend.

Because of this, a scheduling deposit is now required to reserve a date of service. Scheduling deposits are date transferable during 2020 to your next available preferred date, but not refundable. When you call, please be prepared to select your preferred dates and make a deposit by credit card or by setting up an electronic funds transfer process with us. (Credit card payments will incur an additional 3.5% administration fee.)

We will continue to build a list of clients that let us know, “Just do it when you can fit us in the schedule.” However, when we call to set your date, a scheduling deposit will still be required.

Cleaning Options

Many cleaning chemicals are registered with the EPA for cidal (kill) qualities for past Corona and similar virus. We are stocked with these supplies and have used them for years safely in all environments we work in.

However, as soon as as a cleaning chemical gets registered with the EPA to have cidal (kill) quality of the novel Coronoavirus, they become extremely limited in supply, especially to small companies.

Thankfully, we have secured a source to the same products being used by the New York City Transit Authority, the military, and Ascension Health Care System.

These products have unique qualities beyond application to the novel Coronavirus. These include qualities such as safe for human occupants and pets, organic plant based, and a residual kill effect for days or weeks after application, depending on contamination load.

These products are also much more expensive, harder to procure and require additional training in our team for use. These costs will be passed on to customer.

Let us know if you want the higher level of safety and emotional comfort this new product might provide and expect an additional fee for this option. Price will depend on application.

For more information, do a web search for Noroxycdiff by Pervasive. Some products by Pervasive can only be sold direct to business providing cleaning and sanitation services.

Lakeland Restoration

A few years ago Clean As Can Be Services, LLC started offering water mitigation and mold abatement under the trade name Lakeland Restoration. We are certified, insured and prepared to offer emergency water mitigation and mold abatement. By law, you, not your insurance carrier’s claim line, gets to choose your restoration contractor. Go with your claims line if you like, but you are welcome to call us for personal, informed advice. We are here to help.

My Promise To You

As the owner, and a Christian, I refuse to price services in a profiteering way, taking egregious advantage of your need and vulnerability at this time.


Eric Nei, The Cleaning Guy


  1. Clean As Can Be Services, LLC, will use industry best practices and products according to recommendations to achieve the described outcomes of any product. We can not and will not make any claims about cleaning, sanitizing, decontaminating or sterilizing indoor environments beyond the described, intended outcomes of the products we use.