COVID-19 Response

The impact of the Coronavirus, direct and indirect, has hit the Northwoods. We are here to help.

We Are An Essential Business

Based on the the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Service, Emergency Order #12 Safer at Home Order Clean As Can Be Services is an Essential Business. (Reference page 12, paragraph n.)

We are here to help during this difficult time. We are already experiencing an increase in calls for cleaning and disinfecting.1 If you are thinking of adding additional cleaning and disinfecting services, call today.

Seeing the Future

Right now, it feels like long range planning means thinking about what is for dinner. One thing I’m pretty certain of, is that as we settle into a new reality shaped by a viral pandemic, restriction will come off, money will loosen up, and people will begin spending money again. I believe our phones will ring off the hook as they usually do starting mid April.

You can’t see the future either, but it is a good idea to call us today to discuss service options. 715-356-4739.

Ramping Up Hiring

Many business sectors are temporarily reducing or eliminating employee hours. While federal and state aid is on the way, it may be too late and too little, to provide reasonable support through the duration of the health crisis.

Clean As Can Be Services, LLC can make a difference. Many people are now temporarily unemployed. As the owner of Clean As Can Be Services, LLC it is my obligation to continue to gainfully employ as many people as possible who are qualified and ready to work. Give us a call to discuss employment options. 715-356-4739.

For customer peace of mind, we will continue with hiring best practices including selection, interviewing, background checks and training.

Doubling Down on Our Staff Practices

We are implementing additional infection control measures. These include but are not limited to:

  • Implementing contagion risk assessment for every employee at the beginning of every shift, modeled after practices being implemented in facilities that care for high risk individuals.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all solid surfaces on our equipment between accounts.
  • Social distancing with controlled exit and entry to our own shared work spaces.
  • Washing hands upon entry and exit of any account.
  • We continue with PPE as necessary for the type or work. (If you see our staff in masks in a cleaning and disinfecting environment it is for respiratory protection against visible particulate matter, and as a “cough and sneeze” catcher. Health care level respiratory protection, N95 masks, are in extremely short supply, and being prioritized toward the medical health care industry.)

Daily Update


Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, their is a high probablity that you are right.”

Today, believe you can be calm and patient.​

Caring for Essential Staff

​I found out ​Lac Du Flambeau ​has a curfew in place. It may happen in other towns. Also, with the Safer At Home Oder in place, it could be that law enforcement  begins questioning people about their activities when pulled over for a traffic violation, or when entering a store.

Today I created folders for all fleet vehicles and one for each employee. You may want to do the same for your Essential Staff, just to show them you care, and to help the prepare for this possibility. 

The folder include the following:
1. A copy of all pages of the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services Emergecny Order #12 Safer At Home Order
that identify my company as an Essential Service. For us, that was the cover page, and pages 2 and 12, with pertinent information highlighted.

2. A letter, on company letterhead, identifying the holder of that letter as Essential Staff for an Essential Business. (I checked with the Lac Du Flambeau Police Department about this. They thought it was a good idea.) The letter included a reference to the Order mentioned above, and that the person presenting the letter is commuting to or from work, or on the clock performing work duties. This letter includes an important line to law enforcement.

 “If presented with this letter, contact me directly to verify that the person presenting this letter is an employee of Clean As Can Be Services, LLC and presenting this letter as intended.”

I included this verification check because, frankly, it would be easy for some one to copy this letter and hand it out to all their friends and relatives. 

Keep caring for your staff and customers, and believe you can be calm and patient.


Eric Nei, the Cleaning Guide

I am happy to let you know that the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services has release Essential Businesses List. Cleaning and sanitation in government and commercial properties is included in that list. So are all emergency restoration services for water, mold, and fire.

Click here to read the full order. Refer to reference page 12, paragraph n, to support out continued work in your buildings.

We are choosing at this time to suspend some residential services. Please read more about this in the Residential Services Section below.

Calls are already coming in that start like this, “Hey, we know you guys are going ot be busy when this is over. Can we get on the calendar for deep clean?”

Call us if you want to talk details, but, ya, our calendar is going to be a little nuts when this Coronascare starts to pass.

Commercial Services

Prioritizing Services

Non-Elective Services

Non-elective are services most likely to mitigate health risks associated with infectious disease. These include water and mold mitigation, cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces. Now is the time to make the extra investment in the following:

  • First, please remove all non-essential “touchables” from desk tops, window sills, coffee tables, conference tables, customer kiosks, etc., at least on the evenings that we are providing service. This means decorations, family photos, your favorite coffee mug, plants, massive trophies from the last golf outing, etc. This will allow us to more thorough clean and disinfect all horizontal surfaces.
  • Second, for the time being, we are asking that all of our Commercial Care customer allow us to simple pull and replace all plastic liners. The more we have to disturb garbage contents, the more likely it is that germs will be spread.
  • Third, we are intentionally asking staff to use microfiber rags that are a bit more damp than usual for cleaning and disinfection. While one minute is the recommended damp time for intended use, the product data also talks about enhanced cidal (kill stuff) with longer dwell times. This may, unfortunately, leave some streak marks despite claims of “streak free” cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Fourth, your agreement with us likely specifies cleaning and disinfecting of most, but not all flat commonly touched surfaces. As your cleaning consultants, we advise that you make the necessary, temporary investment in some additional cleaning with each service. Please call us to discuss your current plan details and how you would like to enhance our current work.

Elective Services

Elective services remain important to optimum health and appearance. They also protect the long term capital investment in your property They add an extra measure of peace of mind that everything we are capable of doing to help your you stay healthy is being done. This includes a couple options.

  • First, during this health crisis and as we pull out of it, we expect many customers will request a “Peace of Mind Cleaning. This means if we can reach it, and we know how, we will clean it. Call for details.
  • Second, building use is down. Right now is an excellent time for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and window washing completed.

Our work capacity is limited. Our current call volume suggests we will be slammed with requests for all the above Commercial Care Options as we move through this health crisis and begin to pull out of it. Give us a call today to discuss options and look to the future.

Residential Services

Recent Local News

Friday, 3/20/20

For all Vilas County second home owner and seasonal vistors, a Vilas County Board of Supervisors Press Release has been published. I fully expect other northern counties, and the state, to follow suit. In a nut shell…

  • If you have a seasonal or second home in Vilas County, authorities are recommending you stay at your at your winter location due to very limited health care infrastructure.
  • If you have already arrived in the area, self quarantine for 14 days.
  • Be aware the additional health and travel restriction could be put into place at any time.

You can find the full press release at the Clean As Can Be Services Facebook Page.

Occupied Homes

For the time being, based on abundant caution, we are discontinuing most services in occupied homes. We have decided that the health risk of our entry, to both our team members and occupants, exceeds the potential benefit.

The exception is water and mold mitigation. During these services, industry normative containment measures will be taken to minimize cross contamination between treatment and non-treatment areas, occupied and non occupied areas.

Unoccupied Homes. We will continue to offer all the services found on our website, plus deep cleaning and disinfecting of non-porous hard surfaces, including floors, in unoccupied homes. To minimize risk, please plan on having us in your home 24 hours after you vacate, or 24 hours before you arrive.

New in 2020 – Scheduling Deposit Required

Effective March 13, 2020, we will be asking all residential customers who would like to schedule services to place a Scheduling Deposit toward services equivalent to the minimum trip charge for your area. (Call the office for details about minimum trip charges in your area.)

This Scheduling Deposit charge is NOT in addition to the fees for services, it is simply our cost for employee and equipment readiness, and our cost associated with dispatching a vehicle only to find out you were not able to keep your appointment. Following this Scheduling Deposit, we will contact you for your preferred dates. This new business process will be in place until further notice.

Please Note

  • Once your scheduling deposit is transferable to any other available date other date in 2020.
  • Your deposit is non-refundable.
  • You can make your deposit using a authorizing electronic funds transfer through our office, send a check, or use a credit card by calling our office. (Credit card administration fee is 3.5%)

Thinking Ahead

A weird thing is happening. Our residential service calls are about normal for this time of year. Mid-western optimism means people are looking forward to, and planning for, warm weather and fish fry in the Northwoods.

While you may be sweating about the evening news, soon you will be sunning in the Norhtwoods.

Call today to book your preferred services on your preferred dates.

My Promise To You

As the owner, and a Christian, I refuse to price services in an opportunistic way, taking egregious advantage of your need and vulnerability at this time. Prices will reflect market trends and our 2020 profit targets.


Eric Nei, Owner


  1. Clean As Can Be Services, LLC, and all who represent us, do not make claims to sterilize objects or surfaces. Chemicals approved by the EPA for the novel strain of Coronovirus we are experiencing first quarter of 2020 are in extremely short supply, and prioritized toward the medical health care industry. We are well stocked with cleaners and disinfectants registered with the EPA for Coronovirus other the new, emergent, novel strain.