Commercial Cleaning and COVID 19

Your New Normal

Employees are more productive in a clean environment. Customers are more comfortable when you can demonstrate “clean.” But the very metric of “clean” has changed.

The pandemic has changed the word “clean” in the minds of everyone on the planet. More than ever, the emphasis is on cleaning for health. In turn, the pandemic has changed the cleaning industry. This blog will help you ask the right, new, questions when selecting a cleaning contractor.

Now is the time to reduce stress levels for employees and customer by giving additional attention to your cleaning plan whether you handle your cleaning needs internally, or through a cleaning contractor.

Ask the Right Questions

The novel Corona virus has added important questions to the historic questions about insurance, price, availability and reliability. Reputable cleaning contractors are able to talk intelligently about cleaning in our new normal. Here are some questions you can ask in selecting a cleaning contractor.

Are your cleaning chemicals effective against the novel Corona virus?
This is a “risk management” question based on how much risk you are is willing to assume in reopening. Chemicals effective against past Corona virus may not be effective against the novel Corona virus. This can be verified by asking about the brand and product name the contractor uses, and cross referencing this to the Environmental Protection Agency “N” list of products approved for kill qualities against the novel Corona virus. Expect to pay more for “N” list chemicals because the list is shorted and the demand is high.

What are you doing to ensure your employees are not introducing contagions in to our facility?
This is a critical question for daily cleaning or “reopening cleaning” because these businesses are having a deep cleaning completed just before reopening.

What level of cleaning do you offer?
This question probes important general knowledge. Clean and sanitize is the baseline. Additional question should be asked if the contracted cleaning company mentions the words decontaminate or sterilize. These are specific terms in the cleaning industry that may require specialized equipment and supplies, training, and microbial testing following their service.

How have your cleaing recomendations changed based on the novel Corona Virus?
This is also a general knowledge question. List for responses that include greater emphasis on high touch areas, use of PPE by cleaning staff when on site, supervisory verification of best practices by front line staff, and participation in the quickly growing options for training related to cleaning and the pandemic.

Improve Cleaning Power

Whether you care handling your own cleaning or working with a cleaning contractor, here a few tips to improve your cleaning power.

  • Remove all non-essentials “touchables” from desk tops, window sills, coffee tables, conference tables, and customer kiosks, and reception desks. This includes decorations, family photos, your favorite coffee mug, plants, massive trophies from the last golf outing you won, etc. This simplifies and allows more thorough clean and disinfecting of all horizontal surfaces.
  • Pull and replace all plastic liners even if there are just a few pieces of paper in the garbage can. It may the norm to dump or just pull dry paper contents in a garbage can. However, best practice is to pull and replace the linter to avoid distributing contagions.
  • Implement best practices such as the four-fold method of cleaning cloth use, dwell time of products, and selection of microfiber products specific to application.
  • Follow manufacture directions. “Clean and wipe” is a concept created by the cost of commercial TV advertising. In reality, thorough cleaning and sanitizing means leaving surfaces damp with cleaning product for 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending the product, product concentration, viral load, and desired outcomes.
  • Make a greater invest in cleaning. In the end, that additional investment will pay off through reduced absence due to illness, increased productivity when staff are at work, and improved emotional comfort in the work place.

Clean As Can Be Services, LLC

We clean for health, knowing appearances will follow.

One call, one team, gets nearly every cleaning need met. This includes regular maintenance cleaning, re-open deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, care of all hard floor surfaces, window washing and air duct cleaning and post construction cleaning. We also offer water mitigation and mold abatement under our sister brand, Lakeland Restoration.

Large area carpet cleaning using cleaning systems specific to commercial grade carpets and environments.

The extra level of comfort, knowing your cleaning can happen with EPA registered products proven to kill the novel Corona virus when used as intended. We are now offering use of the same products being used by the New York City Transit Authroity, Ascension Health Care and departments of the military to fight novel Coronavirus.

Service Options

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning designed for commercial environments. With property use down and the change in season, there is no better time to take care of carpet and upholstery cleaning. Not only does this help improve appearance, it improves odors and indoor air quality. Grab brand recognition and customer loyalty by making this a priority.

Deep Cleaning is designed to go well above what your in-house team may be doing. In short, “If we can reach it, and we are qualified, we will cleaning it.” We specialize in rarely touched high spaces, specialty hard floor surfaces, large stacks of conference chair and tables, etc. This kind of work can be demoralizing to your in-house team because they know they are not equipped or trained to do it well.

Clean glass is the is the first impression at your facility as people approach your building. Odor is the second, usually noticed within 20 feet of entering your building. If you miss on these first two, you are two steps behind on employee comfort and guest impressions. We can help with both.

Our work capacity is limited. Our current call volume suggests we will be slammed with requests for all our services as we move through and begin to pull ouf of the current health crisis. “Clean” is part of returning to normal. Let us help you get back to normal.

Call today to discuss your options.


My Promise To You

As the owner, and a Christian, I refuse to price services in a profiteering way, taking egregious advantage of your need and vulnerability at this time. Prices will reflect market trends and our planned 2020 profit targets, nothing more.


Eric Nei, Owner

Clean As Can Be Services, LLC, will use industry best practices and products according to recommendations to achieve the described outcomes of any product. We can not and will not make any claims about cleaning, sanitizing, decontaminating or sterilizing indoor environments beyond the described, intended outcomes of the products we use.