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When clean really matters, it matters how clean happens.

Area Rug Cleaning in Mincoqua WIThis is especially true when it comes to area rugs, so let's talk rugs.

Every area rug is unique based on fiber type, backing, dye stability or instability, place of origin, décor value, how you came to own it, memories that were made on it with children, contamination from pets, fringe condition, and so on. That's why each rug, and you, deserves individualized care when it comes to rug washing and drying. 

"We used to take our rugs back to the city. But we found the customer and rug care at Clean As Can Be Services as good or better than back home." Sarah B.

Our boutique quality rug care means each rug is welcomed to our small facility with a multi-point inspection and documentation. This equips us to prescribe the rug washing and drying method that will deliver the best possible outcome for each of your rugs.

Your rugs deserve more than modified carpet cleaning. They deserve evaluation, cleaning, drying and gooming specific to the personality of each rug. At Clean As Can Be Services, LLC we are multi-lingual when it comes to your rugs. No matter the country of origin, we "listen" to the story each rug has to tell us.

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about why we are the premier rug washing provider in the Northwoods.

"We appreciate that we can either drop rugs off and save some money, or have them picked up and then delivered back to us. Last batch came back beautiful." John R. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide pickup and delivery of my rugs?

Yes, of course.

Q. Can I drop off and pickup my own rugs?

Yes, by appointment. And when you do you will enjoy a significant discount.

Q. How long will you have my rugs?

During our busy season, up to two weeks. We are a small boutique quality "rug plant," and tend to wash 6 - 12 rugs at a time, usually one time per week. So, if you want your area rugs looking their best for that special occasion, it's best to schedule well in advance. You can always have us wrap your rugs in Tyvek (never plastic) for storage at your home until just before your special event.

Q. How experienced are you in rug cleaning?

We are inexperienced enough to be hyper careful. We are experienced enough to know what we are doing.
After excellent training with national leaders in this industry, we started offering area rug washing in 2013. Quickly, we found ourselves doing a couple hundred rugs a year. Then, at the end of 2017, due to moving our shop and beginning a water and mold remediation division, we suspended rug washing services. Mainly because of customer request, we are now ready to begin washing rugs again. 

Q. Are you insured for this kind of work?

A. Here is what we have learned from our insurance consultant. We are insured for transport, theft, and damage to our rugs due to structural damage to our shop space due to acts of God. Think tree falling through the roof and water coming in the building. However, no standard insurance coverage is currently available for workmanship when it comes to rug cleaning.  In short, our craftsmanship is completely our responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously. To date, we have never had to buy a customer a new rug.

Q. Why can't I just have my carpet cleaner extract my rugs in my home and dry them over a deck railing or on a garage floor?

The short answer is because rugs are not carpet. Beyond that, too many things can go wrong cleaning and drying rugs at your home: sun damage from drying on the deck, too much heat from the carpet cleaning equipment, final pH, damage to backing material, poor final grooming, damage to your floors if left there to dry, mottled colors due to dye migration not detected because a thorough inspection didn't happen, and neglected fringes. In most cases, turning your rug over to a carpet cleaner not trained and skilled in rug care is like turning your nice new vehicle over to the person down the block repairing motors in their garage.

Q. What does it cost to have area rugs cleaned?

Our Small Batch Process starts at $3.00 per square foot, with a decent discount if you drop off and pick up your rugs. Look, sometimes it is cheaper to just replace a rug. While we will never try to assess the value you place on a rug, we will talk with you about the possibility of replacing a rug, when the cost of cleaning it is more than replacing it. 

Q. Do you identify rug origins and time period of fabrication?

We are familiar with nuances of the rug cleaning process that may be associated with a particular place or time of weaving or manufacture. When needed, or if you are just curious, we can access a national network or cooperative professionals that are known specifically as experts in rug identification.

Q. Do you provide rug appraisal for insurance purposes.

We ask the owner to place a dollar value on each rug. We may be able to help secure an insurance quality appraisal through our network of cooperative professional in the rug world.

Q. Isn't it best to have rugs cleaned in a third generation rug retail and cleaning family?

A. Rugs are like like cheese, roses, chocolate, craft beer and wine. In each category, great product is being delivered by both new and old blood lines. While a sommelier may help you discover amazing wines, they may not know how to actually, hands on, make an amazing wine. Similarly, a third generation rug importer may not actually be skilled in the specific craft of rug washing.

Q. What kind of tools do you use?

A. In regards to quality outcomes, it doesn't matter. We add tools and equipment that make the process more efficient only when it doesn't compromise quality rug washing. Some high end rug washers still work with the basics; a sloped concrete floor, brooms, the right cleaning solutions, plenty of water, a space for controlled drying and grooming, and deep knowledge about how to listen to rugs during the wash process. 

Q. Do you offer rug repair.

Yes, by tapping into some of the best rug repair people in the country. This means we can ship out your rug, requiring a longer keep time, and a higher price. Most repairs can be estimated with photos prior to shipment. 

Q. How often should I get my rugs cleaned?

Natural fiber rugs can hide dirt far better than synthetic rugs or carpet. If your rug still looks dingy or dirty after your weekly vacuuming, it's past time to have them cleaned. It's best to schedule rug washing just like a car oil change, your heating person checking your furnace each year, and preventive health care.

Q. Do you provide storage of our rugs while we are not at our home up north?

Yes, but only for small batches and then only for a couple weeks. Our rug plant is not large enough to hold your rugs seasonally, or even a few weeks.


If you have spent more than a few minutes on this part of our Web site, then your rugs are important to you. And they are important to us, too. I know how hard it is to find contractors you know, like and trust. That is why I am always available to answer your rug questions by email, on the phone or in person. Some people spot the quality in my company right away, or they trust the referral of a friend, and basically say, "Just get me on the calendar." For others, it takes a little more time. Whatever it takes, I would like to add you as a loyal customer.

Call me today so your rugs are well cared for and have a look at our other popular services.

Eric Nei, The Cleaning Guy


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