Air Duct Cleaning

Do You Know What's Hiding In Your Ductwork?

Do you know what’s hiding in your heating and air conditioning duct work and what the impact may be?  Accumulation of dust, mildew, mold, human and animal pet dander are common and may contribute to poor indoor air quality. Forced air heating and cooling systems are the most important system in your home for maintaining indoor air quality. Also, accumulations in your HVAC duct work can reduce the efficiency of the system costing you extra dollars and reduced comfort in your home.  Part of maintaining this clean-air system is regular cleaning of the system itself.


Have a look around your home. Your HVAC system may need to be professionally cleaned if...

  • You haven’t had it cleaned in more than a year.
  • You can’t easily identify the source of unpleasant odors or you notice unpleasant odors whey your system is running.
  • You can see accumulations of dust and dirt on or near the delivery or return vents.
  • You have pets indoors.
  • You are experiencing allergy like symptoms when in your home.
  • You have recently completed remodeling.
  • You have recently experienced indoor water or smoke damage.
  • You have recently discovered indoor mold contamination.

See and Experience the Results!

Using the industries best equipment and remote camera imaging you will see the need for the air duct cleaning before we begin and the results after we are done. Our multiple step inspection and cleaning process will remove unwanted allergens and debris that may otherwise affect your indoor air quality.

Looking for the best possible indoor air quality?

When you call for your FREE duct cleaning estimate make sure to ask about our Breath Easy* package. This package includes care of many indoor textiles that trap allergens, stains and odor causing proteins. Breath Easy* with one easy call and one convenient visit from our professional cleaning technicians.

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* While our services will remove allergens and debris that could be airborne and might contribute to allergic reactions or respiratory difficulty we make no claims or guarantees about improved health. The Breath Easy trade language of Clean As Can be Services – Lakeland Restoration is for promotional purposes only. If you are experiencing what you believe are allergic reactions to substances in your home or respiratory difficulties of any kind, consult a physician.