6 Tips to Keeping Things Fresh

it can be tough to keep up with cleaning during the winter. The formula of more time indoors and more stuff tracked in on shoes and paws means more mess. These ideas will help you stay ahead of the mess. 

1. Get your vacuum serviced and use it often to reduce dust loads and odors and improve indoor air quality. Vacuum floors at least every other day and vacuum upholstery at least once per week. 

2. Holiday lights highlight windows, so keep a can of our favorite glass cleaner and a microfiber rag near mirrors and sinks and do a daily quick touch up. Put up a little sign in the corner of the mirror. “You washed your hands and brushed your teeth, a quick clean of the mirror would be really neat.” 

3. If at all possible, let your pet in through the basement and have them cross a carpet remnant. When you let them in, give them a little loving with a quick brushing. 

4. Ask guests to take off their shoes at the door, but make it fun instead of awkward. Make sure their is a chair near the door. Then offer them a big box of cheap, goofy house slippers. The goofier, the better. Then bring their shoes in some place warm. 

5. Declare at least a couple home space as “Food and Drink Free Zones.” 

6. Schedule professional carpet cleaning mid winter. With your home heating system on and humidity levels down in the home winter is a great time to get your carpets cleaned. 

In short, make cleaning a team effort to keep your home clean and healthy throughout the winter season.

Until next time….

Eric Nei the Cleaning Guy